(Best Original Paperback) 


Rudy Rucker Software
1983 Tim Powers The Anubis Gates
1984 William Gibson Neuromancer
1985 Tim Powers Dinner at Deviant's Palace
1986 James P. Blaylock Homunculus
1987 Patricia Geary Strange Toys
ex equo
Paul J. McAuley Four Hundred Billion Stars
Rudy Rucker Wetware
1989 Richard Paul Russo Subterranean Gallery
1990 Pat Murphy Points of Departure
1991 Ian McDonald King of Morning, Queen of Day
ex equo
Richard Grant Through the Heart
Holly Lisle Fire in the Mist
ex equo
John M. Ford Growing Up Weightless
Jack Womack Elvissey
1994 Robert Charles Wilson Mysterium
1995 Bruce Bethke Headcrash
1996 Stephen Baxter The Time Ships
1997 Stepan Chapman The Troika
1998 Geoff Ryman 253: The Print Remix
1999 Stephen Baxter  Vacuum Diagrams
2000 Michael Marshall Smith Only Forward